Good Read-Aloud Books for a 6-7 Year Old Boy and an 8-9 Year Old Girl

A good read-aloud for our family has fast pacing, cliff-hanger chapter endings, and interests both adults and children. Here are some of the winners.


I know, like anyone needs me to introduce them to Rick Riordan. Still, The Lightning Thief was a terrific book to read aloud with the kids. We ended up reading the entire series together as a family.


If you have a boy who loves dragons living in your household, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is a great choice. My daughter read it on her own, also, more than once. We're big Grace Lin fans around here.


We read Fortunately, The Milk aloud on the excellent advice of my brother-in-law, and then found a great audio book version narrated by Neil himself. We've listened to that version in the car many times.


My husband and I both loved My Side of the Mountain growing up. The kids enjoyed it, too, and it was a pleasantly nostalgic experience reading it aloud together.


My Father's Dragon was one of the first longer books we read aloud to the children, and it was perfect. 


Serafina and the Black Cloak was a fantastic, spooky book to read aloud with the whole family. I was worried it might be too scary for our younger one, but he has been fine with it. We're now halfway through the last book in the trilogy, and I went out and bought another Robert Beatty book, Willa of the Wood, so we won't be bereft when it ends.


I know I've mentioned Dangerous Island before. It was great when I was little, and it's great now.



Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of the more accessible Roald Dahl books for younger kids. James and the Giant Peach is a good one, too.  You can read Fantastic Mr. Fox aloud yourself, or you can check out the audio version read by Chris O'Dowd, which it seems I will never stop recommending.


The children mostly enjoyed hearing Ragweed, but I didn't enjoy reading it aloud. Some mice spoke in a vernacular I grew tired of attempting. 


I can just tell this is the kind of list that will need refreshing, and that I'll be too lazy to update.