Welcome! This page offers some thematic ideas if your book club is meeting to discuss Horus and the Curse of Everlasting Regret. Have fun!


In what time period does this story take place? What do you know about this time period? How might it affect the story?

What would be different about this story if it took place today, in our time period?

Peter, Tunie, and Perch encounter conflicts with two different sets of characters: the twins Larry and Russell, and Detective Shade and Mr. Reid. What are the differences between these duos? What makes them act the way they do?

Would you like to live forever like Horus? What would be good or bad about it?


Bats   Make your own Perch!

Mummies Craft a Horus!

Depending on how rowdy you want your book club meeting to be, there's always the popular wrap-up-your-friends-in-toilet-paper-to-make-them-mummies activity! I think this would be a lot of fun--maybe after the book discussion!


If you're looking for something you can easily pick up at the store, there are a few brands that were around in the USA in 1934.

Crackers and Cheese Nabisco put Ritz crackers on the market in 1934, which is the year our story takes place. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ritz_Crackers

Cookies as Per Chapter 5 In Chapter 5, after Tunie, Peter, and Perch meet Horus for the first time, they drink tea and eat N.B.C. butter cookies. N.B.C. stands for National Biscuit Company, which is what Nabisco was once called! Unfortunately, Nabisco has discontinued production of butter cookies, but animal crackers are a nice substitute. They were around before 1934! 

If you're up to baking, you could make your own butter cookies. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/butter-cookies-100918

Nutella Banana Mummy Rolls http://ourbestbites.com/2013/10/nutella-banana-mummy-rolls/

Mummy Hot Dogs http://ourbestbites.com/2014/10/easy-halloween-party-food/ (scroll down a bit for instructions)

Eleanor's Elegant Baked Goods In Chapter 2, Tunie is working at Eleanor's Elegant Sweet Shoppe and making the calligraphy cards for the following baked goods: Strawberry Torte http://allrecipes.com/recipe/7409/strawberry-torte/, Powdered Lemon Drops http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/lemon-snowball-cookies-recipe, Chocolate Hazelnut Wafers (I can't find a good recipe to go with this one; they seem readily available in the grocery store!), Bacon Cheddar Scones http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/bacon-cheddar-chive-scones-recipe